Learning to Play the Drums – A Beginners Guide

Drums have been around since 6000 BC and are still one of the core instruments in modern music.

The most typical problem with many amateur drummers is that they do not know where and how to get started learning how to play drums. Their approach towards it is wrong in many ways, and they don’t even know about it. Some of them are so ambitious that they end up trying to play the most advanced patterns before learning the basics of drumming. For example, you shouldn’t be trying to start out by playing one of your favourite bands’ rock songs – you’ll get demotivated and quit quickly.

It’s not surprising why a lot of young people love listening to pop and rock music because these types of music are more into using drums. Drums are some of the musical instruments that the youth of today dream of playing themselves as well. The fact is – anyone can play the drums.

The thing here is that despite the interest in learning, playing percussion instruments is not as easy as it looks. What musicians must realize is that like any other instruments to play, the drums require finding a grasp of the basics and getting to know the instrument better. Drum lessons are needed for beginners who are to play drums for the first time and also those who’ve been playing for a while now but still have not gotten used to the basics.

For one thing, you can read on some basic care for your drum set. It incorporates setting up the drum kit, looking after the cymbals, and tuning the drums. While considering figuring out how to play this one must have these four things:

  • A couple of drumsticks.
  • A practice pad which reproduces the bounce of a real drum, and ordinarily have an elastic surface.
  • A metronome to keep a steady beat.
  • Some learning materials.

As a complete beginner it may be worth looking into alternatives to the traditional drum set. One may start out with a practice pad initially and then invest in the best electronic drum set they can afford – they decrease the chance of you producing low quality sounds from inaccurate hits and most of them come with amazing training modules to get you started.

The first thing to master out of the basics on how to play the drums is the proper holding of the sticks. You don’t just hold them whatever position you want because doing so only makes the task more difficult. There are a few different styles to choose from, and if you have mastered it, that’s the time to progress to the art of keeping time. What does it mean when you say ‘keeping time’? It is all about counting the notes, beats, and signatures to create good music. After learning this, it’s safe to say that lessons you’re taking are quite effective. Please don’t be overly ambitious and try the advanced lessons first even without finishing the basics because if you do, possibilities are you would either quit, or you’ll never get things right as you’ll just turn out confused.

Next, you need to do tuning of the drums. Are you surprised?

That’s understandable because not many people know about tuning drums since what everyone knows is that only pianos and guitars are tuned. As your lesson progress, you’ll also be taught on how to tune drums.

Another thing is that you have to learn to read a sheet music. Don’t worry too much about it because when taking lessons you’ll be guided every step of the way to master the craft. These are just pointers as to what you can expect out of learning how to play the drums.

Learning to play a musical instrument has many benefits. Although the research is uncertain, many researchers trust that introduction to music and learning to play an instrument may increase your IQ and sharpen your memory. To put it plainly, learning a musical instrument can make you somewhat smarter.

Also, learning another aptitude requires work and endurance, and learning to play a musical instrument is no exemption to that run the show. Endurance requires train, and when these qualities are acquired, undoubtedly you will have each reason to have a healthy feeling of pride realizing that you have for sure achieved a great thing and had some enjoyment all the while.

Presently, that we have enough reasons as to why taking up a musical instrument is a great idea, we are given another dilemma. What musical instrument would you like to learn to play? With so many instruments to browse, it is not an easy choice to make. Yes, this is the part of the article where I attempt to persuade you into suspecting that the drum set is the greatest development ever, beside cut bread obviously.

Being One With the Beat

While each musical instrument requires that you have a feeling of mood and beat, the beat takes on a different meaning if you are a drummer. If you are in a band, you realize that the drummer sets the tone for the entire band while they are playing.

Although out of sight, the drummer takes the lead and controls the beat and timing for whatever is left of the individuals. Drumming teaches you when to take the lead, how to be in union and harmony with a team, and essentially how to be unified with the beat of any tune.

Workout and Physical Exertion

Drumming requires a ton of development, and despite the fact that you are seated on a stool, regardless you get a great workout. Your hands delicately grasp the drumsticks as you push your wrists back and forward while methodically hitting the hello there hats and snare, and occasionally (or as often as possible relying upon your style) you heave and extend your arms forward and back reaching to hit tom toms, crashes, splashes, and rides making for awesome fills and rolls. Your feet control the bass drum and the Howdy hat, and these also require much development. Also, whatever remains of your body cannot assist however to live at the time and sway and section to the tunes that are being created.

Yes, drumming requires constant development which gives you a major workout advantage. Along these lines, it is safe to say that you may conceivably have the capacity to get more fit and show signs of physical improvement shape if you do take up drumming.


Can you rub your stomach with one hand while patting your head with the other? All things considered, drumming can require two-way, three-way, and even four-way coordination. If you want to increase your coordination and adroitness, drumming can help you.

Learning to play an instrument can be fun, at the same time you can acquire aptitudes and grow great qualities. If I have not got you pumped on taking up drumming, I will settle with having the capacity to persuade you with learning to play a musical instrument. We would all have the capacity to get by without music. without, things will be fairly dull.

Music adds flavor and shading to life, so appreciate it in any capacity that you can.

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